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College Audition Prep

TRIFECTA's Musical Theatre college audition prep provides comprehensive audition and college entrance guidance. A team of Broadway- experienced coaches guide the student through the entire process: choosing schools; selecting audition materials; determining headshot and audition attire; filming and selecting pre-screens; meeting deadlines; and preparing for live auditions!

prescreen rehearsal.jpg

Trifecta Senior Pre-Screen Rehearsal, 2020

How The Process Works:


Set up a consultation for parent and prospective Trifecta student to discuss enrollment requirements and map out college prep timeline (recommended at start of Junior year or earlier).


Film prescreens with a videographer and a Trifecta coach to ensure your best performance and to stay within university guidelines.


Work with the three Trifecta coaches individually as often pre-determined in consultation to refine techniques and select audition materials.


Continue Trifecta coaching sessions for live auditions including adding songs and monologues and strengthening dance technique 


Trifecta Coaches Work Together To

  • Choose songs and monologues highlighting the student's unique talents and personality.

  • Customize the choreography of individual one-minute dance routines showcasing strengths & personality.

  • Mentor artist development to guide appearance and attire of auditions.

  • Guide headshot/resume creation to meet university standards.

  • Ensure best take at pre-screen filming with videographer and Trifecta coach present.

  • Provide sheet music in the appropriate key with audition cuts and studio quality piano tracks.

  • Prepare student for additional requests including special skills or wildcard prescreen, additional customized songs/monologues, music theory testing and more.

  • Write recommendation letters. Our coaches are recognized in the industry and by department heads.

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