Aquila Sol, Univerisity of Michigan

"I honestly don't think I could have gotten through all of my prescreens if I did not work with these amazing coaches. The Trifecta went above and beyond my expectations."

Carly Walton, Rider University

"The Trifecta team is the best! My daughter not only received top notch technical training in music, vocals, dance and acting; she was truly supported as a young person with big dreams. She is now a freshman at Marymont Manhattan College earning her BFA in Musical Theatre. She still reaches out to the Trifecta coaches for advice and guidance. Thank you so much for all of your talent and support, Trifecta!"

Mom of Gabrielle Diaz, Marymount Manhattan

"The Trifecta are three amazing coaches who have made a huge impact on my sons life! They provided him with triple threat training designed specifically for him. They seemed to expertly and intuitively know exactly what my son needed to progress in his performing skills. As a result, he was well prepared for college auditions as well as professional work."

Mom of Piatt Pund, Manhattan School of Music

"College BFA programs are more competitive than Harvard! The process of preparing to audition nearly overwhelmed my daughter and I until we met Tamlyn Shusterman. Tamlyn has guided us from the very beginning, from helping my daughter define her college experience desires, matching programs to her objectives and refining her list of schools then tracking all the details, dates and requirements for applying and auditioning. She introduced us to the Trifecta (Karyn Overstreet & Shauna Markey) and insured my daughter was impeccably trained and prepared. She provided opportunities for feedback on my student’s song selection and performance from top college program directors, planned all the details needed to deliver a safe and distanced, yet professionally filmed and edited digital submission portfolio for pre-screen submissions. And so far, the results are outstanding – audition invitations for every school & accepted to several by Christmas.  My advice for parents and prospective college students – START EARLY and don’t do this alone! Call Tamlyn and engage your trifectateam. Then do the work, be open to advice, feedback and suggestions. And get ready for a great outcome. I can’t thank Tamlyn, Karyn & Shauna enough!"

Erin Padilla, proud mom of Aquila Sol!